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Site Policy (Terms of Use)

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Privacy Policy

The following outlines what data we collect about you through our website, and how we use it.

How Retrus-Tanzania collects data about you

  • When you browse our website, , we collect data about your visit which is to be analyzed by "Google Analytics".
  • When you send inquiry to us through the inquiry form in our website, we collect the information you enter into the inquiry form.

What data Retrus-Tanzania collects about you, and why. Retrus-Tanzania collects data about how you interact with Retrus-Tanzania’s website.

When you visit our website, or its subsidiary pages, we use several methods such as cookies and server logs to collect such information as which pages you visit and when, and duration of your stay on the page, and so on. We also collect technical information about you such as your IP address, web browser software you use and its language the kind of computer you use, and the website that referred you.

We collect these data of how you interact with our website and use them for improving user experience of our website.

We usually delete server logs with identifiable information within a few weeks, but may keep them longer in a specific case, such as needed for investigation of specific incidents. We keep aggregate statistics data without limitation as these data are not identifiable to personal information.

Retrus-Tanzania collects data when you send an inquiry to us through our website.

When you send inquiry to us though our website, we require you to fill an inquiry form. The inquiry form requires type of inquiry, your name, company name, address, phone, contact e-mail address.

We record the information you enter into the inquiry form. We use the information for the following purposes.

  • When responding to your inquiry, we reply to either e-mail address or phone number you entered into the inquiry form.
  • To know your profiles, including your type of business, project information and products you are interested in, helps us to provide appropriate answer and support to your inquiry.
  • We use location information of your company to decide the person to reply to your inquiry because we have different persons in charge according to locations.
  • We also use the collected information of inquiry form to do aggregate analysis for marketing purpose.

We keep information of inquiry form as long as the data is useful for the purpose above.

Where Retrus-Tanzania keeps data about you.

We store data about how you interact with our website, information entered into inquiry form on servers in Japan.

How Retrus-Tanzania changes or deletes data about you.

You can e-mail us to request modify or delete the information of you.

Retrus-Tanzania may share data about you with others.

We do not sell the collected information to others, but we may share information of inquiry form with our group companies if we need their help for replying to your inquiry.

"Google Analytics" is used in our website to collect and analyze data of visitors to its website.

For the privacy policy for Google Analytics, please read the privacy policy for Google Analytics online. If you wish, you may disable Google Analytics by installing a Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.